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Debauchery - Back in Blood.

CD 1

  • All songs written by Thomas, except where noted.
  1. "Lords Of Battle"
  2. "Baptise This World In Blood"
  3. "Praise The Blood God"
  4. "Back In Blood"
  5. "Masters Of The Killing Art"
  6. "Butcher Of Bitches"
  7. "Death Metal Maniac"
  8. "Manhunting"
  9. "Alcohol Fueled Brutality"
  10. "True To The Skull Throne (And Bound To Kill)" (Chris Vahlbruch)
  11. "Storm Of Iron"

CD 2[edit]

  1. "I Can’t Dance" (Genesis Cover) (Tony BanksPhil CollinsMike Rutherford)
  2. Weißes Fleisch" (Rammstein Cover) (Rammstein)
  3. Eight Days a Week" (The Beatles Cover) (John LennonPaul McCartney)
  4. "Heavy Duty" / Defenders of the Faith (Judas Priest Cover) (Rob HalfordGlenn TiptonK. K. Downing)
  5. "Kings Of Metal" (Manowar Cover) (Joey DeMaioRoss the Boss)
  6. You Got Me Rocking" (Rolling Stones Cover) (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
  7. "War Is Coming" (Chill Out Version) (Six Feet Under Cover) (Chris)